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Advanced Care Membership

Millions of Americans either don’t have dental insurance or are unhappy with the dental insurance they have. That's why Dr. Donnelly of San Marcos Gentle Dental offer the Advanced Care Membership program. With this program, it’s easy to get the basic care you need while additional services are conveniently discounted. By signing up for the Advanced Care Membership program, you don’t have to put off or delay care. You can get the help you need in an affordable manner.

Many services are completely covered by the cost of your annual membership, including:

But these services are just the beginning of what we offer at San Marcos Gentle Dental. What if you need help treating gum disease, transforming your smile with a popular cosmetic service or dental implants, or you’re interested in trying sedation dentistry at your next appointment? Using your Advanced Care Membership, you can look forward to receiving these services at a discount. Here’s what you can expect:

The cost of membership for adults is $249 and $199 for children. Certain restrictions apply. For instance, you can only apply the benefits of your Advanced Care Membership to the 12 months you’ve paid for. There is also a maximum of $12,500 allowed for treatment in a 12-month period. The Advanced Care Membership program isn’t an insurance program, so there are no deductibles or pre-existing exclusions to worry about.

Do you have questions about receiving care with Advanced Care Membership? Call us with your questions. We’re happy to talk to any of our San Marcos patients about how care with our membership program works.