Root Canal Treatment – San Marcos, TX

How We Help Stop Tooth Pain

Several warning signs might indicate that you need root canal treatment in San Marcos, such as throbbing tooth pain, swollen gums, and sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures. Our team at San Marcos Gentle Dental recommends having root canal treatment performed as soon as possible before the infection can grow any worse. The procedure will put a stop to your pain and protect the tooth from further damage. Call us for more details about this smile-saving treatment.

Why Choose San Marcos Gentle Dental for Root Canal Treatment?

  • Same-Day Emergency Care
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    Sedation Options
  • Patient-Focused

What Happens During a Root Canal?

Model of tooth showing root canals inside of it

After creating a small opening in your tooth, we will take out the infected pulp. We’ll then carefully sanitize the inner pulp chamber; the goal is to get rid of any bacteria that could lead to further problems. After the tooth is refilled, a crown can be used to seal it.

Keep in mind that root canal therapy is intended to relieve pain, not cause it. We will only carry out the procedure after applying a local anesthetic to the treatment site.