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Teeth Whitening in San Marcos

Lighten your smile with teeth whitening at San Marcos Gentle Dental!

Have your teeth taken on a lackluster appearance? It’s not uncommon for enamel to darken over the years, which can create an aged look overall. Many beverages, like red wine and coffee, have been proven to leave long-lasting stains on the surface of teeth. Rather than sacrifice your favorite drinks to earn a radiant beam, consult Dr. Donnelly for a teeth whitening solution. Our professional San Marcos team uses teeth whitening to make smiles of all shapes and sizes shine. Please call our practice if you would like to make a teeth whitening appointment today.

Do you want an instantly lightened look? We perform in-office teeth whitening with Zoom! Whitening. This system has been shown to turn enamel up to eight shades lighter in clinical trials, and results are usually visible directly after the treatment. With this teeth whitening technique, it’s possible to erase stains that lie deep within enamel. Our talented cosmetic dentistry team is practiced with performing teeth whitening, so you can ask us any questions related to the process before or after your appointment. 

 It’s important to mention that crowns, bridges, and fillings will not respond to teeth whitening gel. If you would like to brighten your enamel, but have a visible dental restoration, ask Dr. Donnelly what the best course of action is for your unique smile. He may be able to replace your current prosthetic with a whiter one to match the new shade of your teeth. Be sure to mention this to him prior to undergoing your Zoom! Whitening procedure.

Teeth whitening is recommended before patients are fitted for porcelain veneers. This way, a licensed ceramist will be able to create a veneer that blends in with the rest of your teeth. You can discuss this step during your initial cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Donnelly and our friendly team.

If you would like to brighten your smile with teeth whitening from Dr. Donnelly, please call our office today! We see patients from San Marcos, New Braunfels, Kyle, Wimberley, and the surrounding Texas cities for teeth whitening procedures. If your teeth whitening appointment is the first time you’re visiting us, please look over the information on our new patient page. Dr. Donnelly and our team can’t wait to boost your image with the use of teeth whitening! We have other ways of touching up your smile, too. Just visit our list of cosmetic dentistry treatments to learn more!