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Dentures & Bridges in San Marcos

Tooth loss occurs for many reasons, including decay, gum disease, and accident or injury. But regardless of the cause, replacing the teeth you’ve lost is important. When you have missing teeth it’s harder to speak and more difficult to enjoy the kind of rich, varied diet that encourages health and wellbeing. You may also see remaining teeth shift out of alignment, while bone loss in your jaw can lead to the loss of other teeth years later.

At San Marcos Gentle Dental, Dr. Donnelly offers many excellent services to help patients restore functionality and appearance. Two of those services are bridges and dentures.

Bridges are designed to help patients replace several missing teeth in a row. By attaching to existing teeth prepared with crowns, a bridge can prevent other teeth from moving out of alignment. Your bridge will also add support for the face’s internal structure, resulting in a youthful appearance.

For other patients, dentures will be a better solution. There are two kinds of dentures: partial dentures and full dentures. Similar to a bridge, a partial denture replaces multiple missing teeth, though not necessarily in a row. Often, a partial will fit around existing teeth like a puzzle piece and will be secured by clips or brackets. Unlike a bridge, a partial denture is removable while bridges are fixed in place. A full denture replaces a full upper or lower arch and is held in place by suction or an over-the-counter adhesive. With your custom-made partial or full denture, it’s possible to smile with greater confidence and enjoy a more nutritious diet again.

Are Dental Implants an Option?

As effective as a traditional bridge of denture can be, some will enjoy even better results with a bridge or denture supported by dental implants. Unlike traditional restorative services, dental implants resemble the natural structure of teeth, with a tooth on top and a metal implant post underneath that acts like a prosthetic root. With your dental implants in place, you can enjoy results that look and feel more natural.

Are you a candidate for dental implants? Dr. Donnelly can help you determine if you are. Stop by our San Marcos dental office for a consultation. After completing a thorough oral exam and talking to you about your needs, Dr. Donnelly can help you chart a path forward towards better oral health and wellbeing.