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Family Dentistry in San Marcos

Everyone needs to see a dentist, even children who are just getting their first teeth. But you don’t want to have one dental office for yourself and another office for your little one—you want a place that can help everyone in your family. At San Marcos Gentle Dental, that’s exactly what you’ll find. Our team is committed to helping children, teens, adults, and seniors enjoy good oral health through family dentistry, cleanings, and a range of cosmetic and restorative services.

We recommend that our San Marcos patients see us twice a year for checkups and cleanings. Seeing Dr. Donnelly frequently will make it easier for him to look for signs of the most common oral health issues. Some of those issues include:

If we find anything, whether it’s one of these issues or something else, we’re happy to talk to you about your treatment options. After all, prevention is a key part of family dentistry. With a tool like DIAGNOdent, for instance, we can catch decay early, before it has time to become more serious. As a result, the fillings you receive will be much smaller and will leave more of your natural smile in place.

To offer patients—especially young patients—extra help, we can use services like dental sealants or a fluoride treatment. Dental sealants are applied as a liquid and then dried to form a thin barrier between teeth and bacteria. They’re most often used to protect the chewing surfaces of back teeth. Fluoride treatments are administered as a mouthwash. What makes fluoride effective is the way it attracts minerals good for strengthening the enamel of teeth.

Another way that regular family dentistry appointments help is that they give Dr. Donnelly an opportunity to offer oral care tips. Patients and children alike can benefit from advice on caring for their teeth. Children especially need help learning how to care for their teeth. We can partner with you to teach your little one important oral health care tips that will help all throughout life.