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Nitrous Oxide in San Marcos

For some patients, anxiety is a stumbling block to seeking regular dental care. However, avoiding dental care because of stress can lead to serious oral health problems. For instance, without regular checkups and cleanings, patients are more vulnerable to conditions like gum disease and tooth decay, which are best treated as soon as possible

We understand that dental fear is a serious issue, though. That's why our team at San Marcos Gentle Dental offers nitrous oxide with any appointment. This effective patient comfort has been around a long time and safely works for patients of all ages.

Commonly known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is breathed in through a special mask worn over the nose, and it starts dissolving anxiety in minutes. During your appointment, you'll feel comfortable and relaxed as Dr. Donnelly works on your smile. You won't even notice the passage of time, though you will be able to respond to any questions we might have for you.

When your procedure is over, we'll remove the mask and in just a short time, the effects of the gas will wear off. This will allow you to drive yourself home, to work, or on any errands you need to complete. Compare this with other sedation options, which wear off slower and require someone to drive you home afterwards. With nitrous oxide, you'll be back to your regular schedule in no time.

Is anxiety keeping you from seeking important dental care? We hope you'll call San Marcos Gentle Dental to find out more about how Dr. Donnelly can help using nitrous oxide. During your consultation, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about nitrous oxide, and we can recommend a customized treatment plan for your particular needs.