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Root Canal Therapy in San Marcos

Teeth are made up of three layers: the protective enamel on the outside, a sensitive layer of dentin underneath, and the nerve at the very center. In most cases, when you’re facing an oral health issue, it’s the first and second layers that are affected. But sometimes, through an injury or deep decay, that third layer can need attention with a root canal.

No patient wants to be told that she needs a root canal, of course, but the experience doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Thanks to today’s technologies and techniques, Dr. Donnelly of San Marcos Gentle Dental can provide patients with comfortable, stress-free care.

Learn more about Root Canals.

Are you experiencing symptoms like toothache or sensitivity to hot or cold foods? Other signs that you need help include discoloration, swelling, and a recurring pimple on the gum line. With a visit to Dr. Donnelly of San Marcos Gentle Dental, we can help you determine if a root canal is what you need to treat your symptoms. If it is, we can explain exactly how your procedure will work and answer any questions you might have.