Dental Technology

January 25, 2011

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Gidgets, gadgets, and doodads.  Everybody has them.  It’s the stuff that the inner child craves when reading the last issue of Popular Science or the Air Mail catalogue.  These technological devices help make life’s tasks faster and easier.  The same holds true for dental technologies, which have come a long way.  As a result, dentists can serve patients more efficiently, effectively, and more comfortably.

Dentists keep their eye on new technologies when they are introduced in order to ensure that they are safe and beneficial for patient use.  Dr. Donnelly makes a conscious commitment to offer advanced technology, with the belief that the proper use and application of advanced technology will allow him and his staff to provide consistently high levels of care to patients in a consistent, comfortable, and cost-effective manner.

Some common technologies used in the dental office include the following:

Soft tissue lasers are used for surgery, tissue contouring, and periodontal therapy and hard tissue lasers for cavity and tooth preparation.  Lasers can be a good alternative to the traditional drill, as anesthesia is not needed as often.  Lasers are more precise and can reduce symptoms and healing times associated with traditional therapies.

Intraoral cameras are used to project a magnified picture of a patient’s mouth onto a screen.  The image allows both the dentist and patient to see fractured teeth, receding gums, and broken restorations, such as fillings.  After these pictures are taken, Dr. Donnelly is better able to diagnose and recommend treatment for patients.  The pictures also can provide documentation to insurance companies.

Digital X-rays and cone beam 3-D digital imaging are used for detecting decay, bone loss, and in providing help with root canals.  To take a digital x-ray a sensor will be placed on the tooth that looks like a piece of film.  Once the picture is taken, dentists can adjust the contrast and brightness to optimize diagnosis and find even the smallest areas of decay.

Dental technology is not only revolutionizing the way dentists practice, it’s also changing the future of dentistry.  During your next appointment look around at all the doodads and technology Dr. Donnelly uses to ensure you are receiving state of the art dental care.  Although no one can predict the future, it is certain that dental technology will continue to change the face and smile of 21st century dentistry.

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