Do Cold Foods Make You Cringe?

May 18, 2009

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The thermometer outside is rising, and all you can think about is how good that chocolate ice cream cone or fruity popsicle is going to taste.  On a diet?  Then maybe it’s a glass of ice cold tea your mouth is watering over. 

You go inside, open the fridge, and prepare your cold treat.  But as soon as it hits your mouth….ouch!  Uh-oh, your teeth are temperature sensitive.

According to research, one of the causes of this frustrating problem can be found in the dentin tubules (tiny tube-like passageways) of the teeth.  The tubules in those with temperature sensitive teeth are larger than in those without a problem.  There is also a highly significant increase in the number of surface tubules in sensitive teeth compared with non-sensitive teeth.

There are other possible causes of tooth sensitivity as well.  You may be brushing too hard and damaging the enamel coating protecting your teeth.  If your gums are receding, exposing more of the tooth than normal, this too can lead to sensitive teeth.  If a single tooth is affected, come in immediately-that tooth may have a cavity, crack, or an old filling may be loose. 

You don’t have to suffer from this problem though.  If your teeth are overly sensitive, come in to the office right away.  We will perform a thorough examination to determine what is causing it and provide you with options to handle your sensitive smile.

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