3 Fad Diets That Aren’t Good for Your Oral Health

January 27, 2021

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Juice fad diet

Many of us have gone on a diet before for one reason or another. There are a wide variety of reasons that people decide to go on fad diets. Some include cutting out processed foods, dropping a few pounds, and just an effort to eat healthier. However, diet plays a key role when it comes to your oral health. Continue reading to learn more from a dentist in San Marcos about popular fad diets and why they may not be the best decision when it comes to your oral health,

Juice Cleanses

This style of diet seems to make sense. Juice comes from fruit, and fruit is good for you. However, if you are only consuming the juice of common fruits and veggies all the time, you are missing out on the healthy fiber and nutrients that your body needs in order to keep your skin, nails, hair, and teeth in good shape. As for your oral health, a juice diet could contribute to the following problems:

  • Enamel Damage: Just like soda, juice can harm your enamel because it is high in both acid and sugar. Ultimately, you could end up with weak and discolored teeth.
  • Loss of Stability: When you have a low-calorie diet, this can affect your insulin levels. When sticking to a juice cleanse for a long period of time, you may end up with problems related to your natural collagen which is what holds your teeth into place. Eventually, you could experience loose teeth or tooth loss.
  • Tooth Decay: Bacteria fuels on natural and artificial sugars. Since juice is so high in sugar, you are more likely to experience cavities and tooth decay if you’re drinking it on a regular basis.

Small Meals

Instead of eating three meals a day like the average American, people who have six to eight meals a day tend to consume less fat, better carbs, and more fruit and veggies. While there are many benefits, this can leave your teeth vulnerable to damage. This is because your enamel is more vulnerable up to an hour after you eat. Ultimately, the more frequently you eat, the more likely you are to experience oral health issues.

Raw Food Diet

When you stick to raw foods, you can get all of the nutrients you need without worrying about unhealthy preservatives. The potential harm comes from the number of fruits, nuts, and seeds that you are consuming. Fruit contains natural sugars which can cause tooth decay when consumed too often. Seeds and nuts can easily get stuck in your teeth, therefore encouraging bacterial growth. Be careful to choose foods that will benefit your smile. This includes apples, almonds, carrots, and spinach.

No matter your reason for starting a new diet, don’t forget about the importance of your oral health. By sticking to healthy options, your smile will thank you in the long run.

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