Get in The Swim for Tooth Safety

September 1, 2010

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Summertime is perfect for going to the beach, swimming, and lounging by the pool, but summer fun also presents potential hazards for your teeth.  Here are some tips to recognize, prevent, and deal with problems and  injuries which may occur.

In order to protect people from water-borne illnesses, most pools are carefully treated with chlorine, bromide, and other chemicals.  Too much of these chemicals can actually stain your teeth a yellowish-brown color or erode the enamel on your teeth.  People who swim more than six hours a week are particularly vulnerable to the brown-colored tarter that builds up on teeth.  Sometimes referred to as “swimmers’ calculus,” it’s evident in as many as 58% of the children and teenagers who are active participants in swimming programs.

To avoid the effects of too much exposure to chlorine and other chemicals: limit your time in the pool, try to shower and brush after swimming, avoid getting pool water in your mouth, and let us know if you notice any change in the color of your teeth or if they feel rough.

Swimming pools and waterslides are sources of fun and relaxation; unfortunately they’re also sources of injuries.  According to The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, 2/3 of all waterslide injuries result in chipped or cracked teeth.  Remind your family to walk not run around the pool, and to avoid horseplay or diving into shallow water.  We hope everyone enjoys their summer safely and by following these tips to maintain your beautiful smile.

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