Great Ways to Appreciate Teeth on Thanksgiving

November 21, 2023

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A happy family celebrating Thanksgiving

As you’ve likely noticed, Thanksgiving is only a few days away. That means it’s time to show gratitude for your life’s blessings! Even now, you may be giving thanks for your loved ones or job. However, you’d also do well to appreciate your teeth on Thanksgiving. Your pearly whites let you savor food, chat with relatives, and more. Fortunately, your local dentist can help you honor your smile. Just use these four dental tips during the Thanksgiving holiday!

Fill Up on Turkey & Veggies

Of course, Thanksgiving has plenty of starchy sides – stuffing, dinner rolls, etc. Such dishes can be delicious. That said, you should try filling up on turkey and veggies instead.

You see, starch is as bad for teeth as sugar. It sticks to your chompers and feeds cavity-causing bacteria. Turkey and veggies, though, will help your mouth. The former has phosphorus that strengthens enamel, while the latter foods are natural teeth cleaners.

Go Easy on the Wine

For many families, wine is a vital part of Thanksgiving dinner. Still, you’d best go easy on this drink. It’ll do a number on your grin otherwise.

Truthfully, red wine harms your teeth. Its acids are known to erode the enamel layer. Meanwhile, its pigments and tannins can stain your smile. This effect would then result in poor holiday photos and socializing.

Get Extra Cranberries

You may already enjoy cranberries as a food. If so, make sure to get plenty this Thanksgiving. These fruits do a lot of good for your mouth. Namely, their nutrients improve your oral health.

To be clear, cranberries contain compounds called polyphenols. These are known to ward off harmful oral bacteria. From there, they delay tooth decay and prevent cavities. Ultimately, then, eating more cranberries leads to a smile without thin enamel.

Don’t Skip Teeth Cleanings

Amidst Thanksgiving events, it’s easy to lose track of oral care. Chats with relatives can feel more important. Even so, you mustn’t skip your regular teeth cleanings.

If you haven’t already, book a dental visit before Thanksgiving. Doing so will give you a clean smile for the big feast day. That way, you can confidently enjoy meals without fearing for your mouth.

Clearly, you should appreciate your teeth on Thanksgiving. The practice gives credit where it’s due, leading to a better grin. So, remember the tips above and make the most of your Turkey Day!

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