Getting a dream smile with San Marcos porcelain veneers

July 8, 2016

Cosmetic dentist, J. Robert Donnelly, offers San Marcos porcelain veneers. Artistically crafted, veneers disguise imperfections for a great, new smile.You really want a Hollywood smile, don’t you? No, of course you don’t. You want to look like you, only better, especially when it comes to your smile. It’s perfectly healthy, but some stains and chipped enamel embarrass you. Would you like to change those marred teeth into a dream smile that looks natural, too? Then, consult Dr. J. Robert Donnelly, cosmetic dentist at San Marcos Gentle Dental. (more…)

Spring into a Brand New Smile with New Porcelain Veneers from Dr. Donnelly in San Marcos, TX

February 23, 2015

178521943Are you ready to renovate your smile? If you’re tired of hiding your dental dilemmas, it’s time to consider the porcelain veneers solution from Dr. Donnelly. Porcelain veneers are thin, custom-fabricated shells of tooth-colored porcelain designed to cover cosmetic dental imperfections. The wafer thin shells are bonded to the front of the teeth. Porcelain veneers can easily correct:

  • Tooth discoloration
  • Worn down teeth
  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Misaligned, uneven, or irregularly shaped teeth
  • Gapped teeth

New porcelain veneers can transform your smile this spring. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Donnelly at San Marcos Gentle Dental for your porcelain veneers consultation today. Dr. Donnelly is a highly qualified San Marcos cosmetic dentist. San Marcos Gentle Dental proudly restores smiles daily throughout San Marcos, TX, Kyle, Wimberley, New Braunfels, and the surrounding communities.

Get New Porcelain Veneers in 3 Easy Steps

  • Planning: First, Dr. Donnelly will discuss your smile goals and determine the look you’re trying to achieve. Dr. Donnelly will examine your teeth to make sure that porcelain veneers are appropriate for your cosmetic corrections, and may also take x-rays and impressions of your mouth and teeth.
  • Preparation: Next, Dr. Donnelly will prepare your teeth for porcelain veneer placement by gently removing a thin layer of enamel from the tooth surface. This will be about equal to the thickness of the veneer to be added. Dr. Donnelly will then take an impression of your tooth, which is sent out to a dental lab for the custom fabrication of your veneers. Temporary veneers may be placed in the meantime.
  • Bonding: After your new porcelain veneers arrive, Dr. Donnelly will temporarily place them on your tooth to examine the fit and color, trimming the veneer as needed to achieve the proper fit. Dr. Donnelly will then clean, polish, and etch your tooth to create a strong bond. Next, special cement will be applied along with  a curing light to harden the veneer in place. Finally, Dr. Donnelly will remove any excess cement and evaluate your bite, making any final adjustments if necessary.

San Marcos Porcelain Veneers Appointments

You can smile confidently again this spring with new porcelain veneers. Make an appointment with Dr. Donnelly at San Marcos Gentle Dental for the porcelain veneers you need today. Dr. Donnelly is a trusted San Marcos cosmetic dentist. San Marcos Gentle Dental delivers quality care daily throughout San Marcos, TX, Kyle, Wimberley, New Braunfels, and nearby cities.

Welcome Summer with A New Smile with Porcelain Veneers!

June 11, 2014

shutterstock_192589115One of the biggest things people are doing right now is preparing for summer. Whether it is getting their hair done or buying all of the food to make for the perfect outdoor barbeque, everyone is excited to finally be able relax and have some fun in the summer sun! One thing people may be overlooking is getting their smiles ready for the season! If you have crooked, misaligned, chipped, or stained teeth, you may feel as though your smile will never be exactly the way you want it. There is no doubt you will meet many new people and reconnect with old friends this summer, and you may find it important to look the best you can. Fortunately, our Dr. J. Robert Donnelly is able to give you the smile of your dreams thanks to porcelain veneers.

The start to getting your porcelain veneers begins with a consultation with Dr. Donnelly. There, he will be able to fully assess your smile in its current state, as well as ask you about your future goals regarding your smile. This will also give you the chance to address any questions or concerns you may have, as we want you to be fully informed throughout the entire procedure. Once it is determined that you are a candidate, that is where the fun and excitement!

Your natural tooth is prepared for your porcelain veneers by removing a small bit of enamel. This way, we are sure your mouth has enough space for your new smile! Your custom made porcelain veneers are then added, and are made permanent with dental resin cement. A simple procedure, but at the end, you are left with a completely new smile that anyone would be proud of showing off! If you are curious as to how we can help give your smile the makeover you deserve just in time for summer with porcelain veneers, make an appointment today, and the entire San Marcos Gentle Dental team will be glad to help!

If you are ready to schedule your appointment with Dr. J. Robert Donnelly, please call us today, and we will be more than happy to help! We are able to take care of whatever general, cosmetic, and restorative dental need you may have. Dr. Donnelly sees patients from San Marcos, Kyle, Wimberley, New Braunfels, and the surrounding communities.