Expert Sedation Dentist, San Marcos

July 6, 2015

ThinkstockPhotos-168372883 (1)If the thought of going to the dentist makes your heart race and sweat break out on your forehead, you’re not alone. Millions of Americans suffer from some level of dental anxiety, but at San Marcos Gentle Dental, we are dedicated to providing patients stress free, painless dental health care. That’s why our San Marcos, TX practice offers oral conscious sedation to help patients relax and enjoy their dental visit. Call the office of Dr. Robert Donnelly to schedule an appointment or find out more about sedation dentistry today.

Oral Conscious Sedation Dentistry, New Braunfels

Sedation dentistry has several levels, and there are numerous sedation methods. At San Marcos Gentle Dental, we offer our patients oral conscious sedation. This level of sedation is generally considered ideal for any level of anxiety, and for preparing patients to undergo multiple or extensive treatments. Patients with extreme levels of dental anxiety may be offered a sedative to take the night before their appointment to help them sleep, and will be given a sedative about an hour before their visit to help them relax.

Patients who receive oral conscious sedation should not drive or operate other machinery, so you’ll need a friend or family member to drive you to your appointment and pick you up. Patients with several dental anxiety may request to take their sedative at home before arriving at the office, but we recommend taking a sedative after arriving at our office. This allows our staff to monitor your vital signs as the sedative takes effect, and provide treatment at the optimal time.

The effects of sedation will vary between patients, but typically, people are able to relax into a sleep-like state. Many patients do not fall fully to sleep, but are extremely relaxed and not fully aware. As your procedure is performed, you will be given a warm blanket, and our team will monitor your vitals throughout the procedure for your safety.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry has made it possible for many dental anxiety sufferers to return to the dentist and achieve a happy, healthy smile, but sedation dentistry has helped dentists treat patients of all kinds with less pain. Patients who benefit from sedation dentistry include those with:

  • Sensitive teeth and gums
  • Sensitive gag reflex
  • Alzheimer’s disease or other cognitive disorders who otherwise become anxious because they may not understand their treatment

Sedation dentistry has also made it possible for dentists to perform numerous or complex dental procedures at one time saving patients time and money without causing undo pain or stress.

Learn More About Sedation Dentistry, San Marcos

If you are interested in finding out more about sedation dentistry and how it could benefit you or your family, call San Marcos Gentle Dental to find out more or schedule a consultation today. Our friendly staff, has made your comfort and peace our top priority. Don’t let fear keep you from the dental care you need. Our San Marcos office welcomes patients from New Braunfels, Kyle, Wimberley, and beyond.

Alleviate Dental Fear and Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry at San Marcos Gentle Dental

November 23, 2014

78325800Even the bravest among us have some form of dental fear or anxiety. It may be because of the drills, the needles, or just a bad childhood experience. No matter where your fears of dental treatment came from, you should know that you can easily get past them with Sedation Dentistry from San Marcos Gentle Dental.  Dr. Donnelly understands dental fear. That’s why he always offers oral conscious sedation to his patients. If you have been postponing the dental treatment you need because of your dental anxiety, be brave, and make an appointment with Dr. Donnelly and his experienced team at San Marcos Gentle Dental today. They will find the right Sedation Dentistry solution for you. Dr. Donnelly proudly serves patients throughout San Marcos, TX, Kyle, Wimberley, New Braunfels, and the surrounding communities.

Sedation Dentistry at San Marcos Gentle Dental

Oral Conscious Sedation

This is the least invasive sedation dentistry option. All you need to do is show up to the office one hour before your appointment time. You will be given a sedative pill that will take full effect before your treatment begins. The sedative will relieve any anxiety or apprehension, and make you feel completely calm and relaxed. The effects of the sedative lasts 5 to 6 hours, so you will need a friend or family member to drive you home after your appointment.

Sedation Dentistry Appointments in San Marcos, TX

Sedation Dentistry can alleviate all of your dental fears and anxieties. However, the sedatives don’t block pain. As such, Dr. Donnelly will always administer a local anesthetic that blocks any pain or discomfort during your treatment. With sedation dentistry, and local anesthesia, you don’t have to avoid receiving the dental treatment you need. So make your sedation dentistry appointment with Dr. Donnelly at San Marcos Gentle Dental today. Dr. Donnelly restores smiles daily throughout San Marcos, TX, Kyle, Wimberley, New Braunfels, and the surrounding communities.